November, 2016 Initial Stages of Teacher Research


  1. Survey of preferred learning styles
  2. Assigned reading Bunn “How to read like a writer”
  3. Couldn’t discuss Bunn during the class after reading was assigned.
  4. Asked students to blog a reflection to Bunn the following class.
  5. Most students either hadn’t read the article or couldn’t remember what they had read.
  6. I asked them what strategies they would use to recover from not having read an assignment.
  7. Students began skimming the article on their computers or their phones.
  8. They blogged for about 10 minutes. Many of them admitted to not having read the article.
  9. I asked them to reply to 2 group member’s blogs.
  10. They then blogged how their thinking had changed after reading and responding to peer’s blogs (Bunn 2).
  11. These second blogs were much shorter.
  12. Three weeks later, I assigned the Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye.”
  13. I asked students to type a one page reflection to the article before coming to class. Most students completed this.
  14. In class, students discussed the article in small groups. Discussions lasted no longer than five minutes and quickly turned into other topics.
  15. I asked students to blog how their thinking had changed after discussing in groups. Many students wrote that their thinking did not change at all. They implied that the article lacked complexity, making it difficult to discuss in depth and discover new ways of thinking.

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